Our martial-arts school in Birmingham was founded by fourth-degree black belt Maxwell Tucker in 2018. Since the young age of nine, he has been honing his skills to become a certified instructor, ready to impart his knowledge and expertise to younger generations. By providing real-life self-defense and practical application training, he utilizes traditional martial arts to teach life lessons that focus on the words of the ATA. People of all ages can gain something from this manner of teaching.

Our staff strives to make this a judgment-free place where everyone of all shapes and sizes that come from various backgrounds will feel safe, appreciated and loved. Here at The Dojang students are the lifeline and soul of the school. This is why it is priority numero uno to put the student first. This way we will usher in personal and physical growth with everyone associated with the school.

Our Goal is to create a family center where everyone can find a martial art/fitness class. Where mom, dad, and child can find time to workout together or in their separate classes. Often it is hard to balance life and then workout and every day we work hard to enable people to get in the best shape of their lives.

Each program is designed to build full body strength and stamina. Working on core, legs and upper body through martial arts, plyometrics, cardio, core training, HIIT, mind-body, and weights. We work to build an overall healthy person and not just a high performing martial artist. We are growing every day and will continue to add to our programs. New coaches and programs are in the works for late 2019 early 2020. So come be part of The Dojang family!!!


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